It's time to simpli​fy "healthy".


Hi, my name is Dannielle Illingworth - I'm a qualified naturopath,
kinesiologist & writer.  Through my online consultations and programs,
I help women just like you to simplify "healthy".

Clearing away the idea of needing to have the "perfect" diet gives you
permission to relax, and listen to what your body actually wants & needs.

The confusion, overwhelm and guilt you feel isn't helping you make better
food choices - it's doing the exact opposite.  

My superpower is taking complex things (like health) and delivering the info 
to you in really simple, achievable and practical ways.

I specifically help women (especially mums) improve their energy levels,
lose weight, reduce bloating and support mental health.  As women, we so
often put ourselves last on the priority list - and I want to change that.


Is this you?

My clients work with me because they're looking for something different.

They've tried counting calories and points.  They've done online workout programs.

They've taken all kinds of pills and supplements, and
they've spent hours searching online for answers..

They're sick of dieting and sick of feeling restricted.  

They're sick of stressing about what to have for dinner.

And they're sick of feeling overwhelmed and confused when it comes to being "healthy".

That's why I work with my clients in a different way.

No counting calories.

No diet pills.

No starving.

Through simple and practical shifts, I help my clients create a healthy lifestyle that works for them.  Every single session is different, and the treatment plan is completely tailored to suit you & your lifestyle.  The ultimate goal is to provide you with the knowledge, tools and support you need to simplify your health, and sustain healthy habits for good.

(Cause what's the point, if you can't sustain it?)

Learn how you can work with me here.


Simple, Healthy Recipes - Free eBook!

One of the most common complaints I hear from clients is they just don't know what to eat or cook anymore, and they don't have time for anything fancy.  Plus, often it's a matter of keeping the kids happy too!  

That's why I created this free ebook: Simple & Healthy Meal Prep.  It contains 18 of my favourite high-protein, high fibre recipes that will keep you feeling satisfied and full.  The best part?  All of the recipes can be prepared in advance or in under 10 minutes.  Win-win!

Pop your name and email below and I'll get the
recipes sent straight to your inbox.









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