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Craving Chocolate or Caffeine? Here’s why.

Chocolate Cravings
Many of us have heard that chocolate cravings can be a sign of magnesium deficiency.  The cacao bean is a natural source of magnesium but unfortunately by the time it is processed into a milk chocolate block, the amount of magnesium left is minimal, if any.  Still, your body will crave the cacao for it’s magnesium when in a state of deficiency.  And the craving will continue until your magnesium levels are replenished.

Interestingly, many of us women crave chocolate prior to or during our period, a time when muscle cramps are common.  Any guesses as to what nutrient is needed to relax muscle spasms and cramps?  You guessed it – magnesium!  Magnesium is also important during times of stress, so if you’re craving chocolate like crazy, check in on your current stress levels and see if you can reduce those in a healthy, positive way.

Magnesium is naturally high in the following foods: leafy green vegetables, red meat, nuts and seeds, dried seaweed, herbs and spices, beans, legumes and cacao beans (e.g. raw cacao powder and dark chocolate).  Healthy stress management will also help you keep your magnesium levels adequate and prevent chocolate cravings.

Remember:  you may also be craving chocolate due to it’s high fat content, sugar content or caffeine.  It may even be a combination of factors!

Craving Energy Boosters
Coffee, caffeinated soft drinks, energy drinks and sugary foods provide us with a temporary energy boost and can be relied on to “keep us going” each and every day.  If you tend to crave these kinds of foods/drinks, it’s time to check in with yourself and look deeper – what is actually causing your low energy or fatigue?

Are you getting enough sleep each night?  Are you eating enough iron-rich foods or drinking enough water? (A lack of either of these is linked to fatigue and low energy.)  Are you over-worked and stressed?  Are you eating enough calories each day?  Are you over-exercising?

Treating your fatigue and improving your energy from the very cause eliminates the need for temporary energy boosts from foods and drinks.  Instead of just looking at the symptom (tiredness, or craving caffeine etc), look deeper and fix the reason for your fatigue.  That is where long-term health results are found – otherwise you’ll be treating symptoms forever without cure!



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