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Craving Crunchy or Creamy Foods? Here’s why.

Craving Creamy Foods
Mashed potato, yoghurt, soft cheeses, chocolate, custard, ice-cream, cream, thick shakes – craving these types of foods is often linked to the texture that they provide when we eat them.  The gooey, creamy sensation of these foods in your mouth stimulates the pleasure centre in your brain and makes you “feel good”.  For this reason, creamy foods are often a source of comfort, and cravings for them tend to be from an emotional cause.  If you’re craving these foods regularly, you may need to work on some non-food sources of comfort, or change the way you deal with your emotions.

Do you process and acknowledge your emotions, or do you prefer to pretend they don’t exist?  Do you crave creamy foods when you are feeling sad, lonely, rejected, or perhaps even when you feel really happy?  Emotional eating is a way of suppressing our emotions and not dealing with them.

If you suspect that emotions are playing a role in your current eating habits, the next chapter will be really beneficial for you to create change and reduce your cravings.

Craving Crunchy Foods
Psychologists have for a long time believed that as adults, we have our very own ‘inner child’.  Your inner child is the part of you that desires to play, experience joy and feel carefree, just as you did when you were a child.  As adults, we can get so caught up in our achievements and goals and trying to ‘figure it all out’ that we can easily ignore our inner desire for pure joy and happiness.  The ‘crunch’ factor in some foods, like savoury or sweet biscuits, potato crisps, toasted bread, crispy fries, deep-fried foods, and even raw veggies brings us back to our childhood, when we were much more aware of how foods felt in our mouths and the textures they held.  If you’re craving crunchy foods, perhaps your inner child has been a bit neglected.

When was the last time you felt carefree?  When was the last time you experienced true happiness or joy?  When was the last time you played and laughed and felt free to be silly?  Nurturing your inner child and your innate desire to be careless is an important part of your overall health and happiness, and may help to reduce your cravings for crunchy foods.



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