Are you sick of your cravings ruining your attempts to eat healthy?
My free guide will explain why you have food cravings, and provide you with practical steps to getting rid of them for good (no willpower required!)

Welcome to Divine Health and Wellness

You’re in the right place if you:

are sick of trying diet after diet without results

struggle with regular food cravings

want to feel happier within yourself

are confused by all the conflicting health information online

want a simple approach to health and weight loss

are ready for a long-term solution, not a ‘quick fix’

My Goal in Life
is to help as many women as possible break out of the dieting and self-hate trap, and find true health and happiness in a way that feels easy, fun and sustainable.

I’m a Naturopath
but I’m also a woman. Just like you, I’ve had my fair share or weight issues, unhealthy food habits and self-confidence struggles.


Most women don’t understand just how good their bodies are designed to feel!

When you follow me online, expect:

  • a no-BS approach to health
  • heaps of healthy, yummy recipes
  • trustworthy info on my blog
  • way too many food photos (#igaddict, anyone?)
  • free resources, like my Overcome Food Cravings Guide
  • connection and support in a like-minded community
  • insight into who I am and how I live my life. I’m a real person, and ‘fake’ just isn’t in my vocabulary

When you work with me, expect:

  • a better understanding of your body and your health. I’m all about helping you take back control and responsibility of your health goals
  • a holistic approach to your wellbeing
  • individualised care and support.. no cooke cutter approach here!
  • simple, practical steps towards your goals (Rome wasn’t built in a day)
  • long-term results that last
  • unconditional support and guidance from a qualified professional who understands you

Are you ready?
Want to work with me to break free from your food habits and achieve your health goals?

My Story

My name is Danni Archer.  My mum spelt my name with two n’s (Dannielle) because she thought that was how everyone spelt it.  I grew up in North QLD and moved to Adelaide, SA with my family when I was sixteen.  I love it here!

I started studying to become a naturopath when I was 18, and have always instinctively wanted to ‘help people’.  Ironically, I worked at McDonalds for the first half of my degree!  When I was 20 I started my own massage business and have been self-employed ever since, adding naturopathy to my business when I graduated in 2014.

My favourite thing about the work that I do is helping my clients understand their own health better.  I love watching the light bulb moments when I explain things in a way my clients can relate to and understand.  That understanding becomes their biggest motivator to change, and keeps them on track to achieve their goals.

When I’m not helping women overcome food cravings and achieve their ideal weight, I love:

  • spending time with my fiancé Kane and my family (my two sisters are my BEST friends)
  • going for bush walks with my border collie, Syrah
  • travelling! I spent almost 6 months in Europe and Asia on my own after I graduated from uni
  • watching and re-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix
  • snuggling with my two cats, Holly & Mia (especially in winter, in front of the heater)
  • reading fiction novels… usually anything written by Nora Roberts
  • camping… actually, I don’t love camping. I just put this here to keep my fiancé happy 🙂