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Five Reasons to Eat MORE Sugar

You’ve already read all the reasons to eat less sugar, right?  Today, I’m giving you five awesome reasons to eat MORE sugar each day!

(Warning: article may involve sarcasm.. a lot of it)

1. You really like feeling tired all the time

Yupp, excessive sugar consumption is strongly linked to poor energy and fatigue.  The link between the two is partly due to fluctuating blood sugar levels, and often your energy levels can follow your blood sugar levels throughout the day.  If you particularly enjoy feeling tired in the afternoon, start eating more sugar-y foods!

2. You like having uncontrollable sugar cravings

You know that 3pm sugar craving that you just can’t ignore?  It can be caused by imbalanced blood sugar, which comes (in part) from eating high-sugar foods earlier in the day.  That sugar-laden breakfast cereal you eat every day?  It’s really increasing you sugar cravings for the rest of the day.  That banana you had as a snack?  Also increasing your sugar cravings later on in the day.  But by all means, if you love those uncontrollable cravings, why not switch to Fruit Loops for breakfast and really get those cravings going.

3.  You want to gain weight

For too long, fat content in foods was blamed for causing the increasing weight and obesity problems in our society.  In the past 10 years, however, research and anecdotal evidence has proven sugar to be the enemy when it comes to our waistlines.  So if you’d like to gain weight, particularly around your stomach area, eating more refined sugar would be a great idea for you.  According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages has increased dramatically in the past decades, in parallel with increasing prevalences of overweight and obesity in the United States.

4.  You love having mood swings

Do you really enjoy having severe mood swings?  The people closest to you must really enjoy them too!  Your ability to cope with carbohydrate and sugar intake impacts how susceptible you are to sugar-induced mood swings, but for a lot of people the link is really strong.  Often, your mood will follow your blood sugar levels, so as your blood sugar goes up and down and up and down, it causes your mood to go up and down and all over the place as well.

5. You’re hoping to develop a chronic disease in the future

Excessive sugar consumption has been linked to coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and more.  Hoping to develop one or more of these serious chronic diseases?  Load up your plate with a whole lot more sugar, girl.


Bottom line:  There’s lots of ways you can protect your health through daily choices, and minimising your intake of refined sugar is a great place to start.


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