Five Affirmations for Better Health

Affirmations are positive mantras that are said to bring change to your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.  In illness and in health, affirmations can be used to create the life you dream of, in absolutely any way, shape or form!  To ‘use’ an affirmation, simply repeat the sentence aloud or in your head over and over again, until you feel like your mind has accepted the new belief.  You may feel some resistance initially (like your mind says ‘yeah right!’) but its important to work through that resistance through simple repetition.

Here’s five affirmations you can use  today to improve your health and happiness.

  1. My body is in perfect health.

Simple, right?  By telling your mind that you are in perfect health, you are creating perfect health.  The power of the mind in healing and repair is so incredibly powerful – this affirmation is not number one for no reason!

  1. My health is improving each and every day.

If you are struggling with health problems, number one may feel a little to far-fetched for you at this stage.  Try this one instead, and each and every day focus on truly believing that your health is improving!

  1. I start each day with enthusiasm and vitality.

Not a morning person? You are now!  By telling your mind and body that you are full of energy in the mornings, you will completely change the way you wake up each day.  I’ve tried and tested this one and it works, trust me!  I’ve always struggled with mornings and one day I had had enough of stumbling out of bed with zero motivation for the day.  Since that day I have told myself and everyone I know that I’m a morning person, and I have so much energy in the mornings these days! It’s all about retraining your brain and your body to function the way you need it to.

  1. My body allows me to do everything I want to do in life.

Is physical or mental pain or dysfunction holding you back from where you want to be in life, and the things you want to do?  It might be as simple as a sore knee that prevents you from running as often as you’d like.  Use this affirmation daily (multiple times per day!) and focus on how good it feels to have a life free from limitations.

  1. I am fit and enjoy physical activity.

Stop telling yourself that you hate going to the gym, or that you can’t be bothered going for a run.  If you tell yourself that you love exercise and you’re a fit person, then it will become true for you!  Having a positive attitude towards exercise and activity is the number one barrier you need to overcome in order to enjoy your workouts and maintain a healthy level of fitness.

Each day, you can choose just one or you can choose all of these affirmations if you wish!  Repeat them often, over and over again, and focus on how the words feel when you truly believe in what you are saying.  Affirmations are a simple, free and effective tool that you can use to change your life and your health.



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