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Are you worried that your thyroid might be impacting your weight?

If you're trying to eat the right things, exercising when you can, and the weight still won't budge.. your thyroid might be the problem.

An under-active thyroid (or hypothyroidism) is surprisingly common in women, especially those who have had children.  Pregnancy can seriously deplete your iodine levels, leading to low thyroid hormones and thus - an under-active thyroid.

Learn how to improve your thyroid function for simpler weight loss when you join Divine Health & Wellness' Thyroid Workshop on Wednesday, July 18th.

The workshop costs $30, and a recording is sent to all attendees.  

July Workshop: All About Your Thyroid

If you're struggling to lose weight, even though
you're eating the right things (most of the time),
then it might be your thyroid that's causing weight issues.

If you ever suffer from constipation, dry skin,
weak/brittle nails or you're super sensitive to cold weather,
there's a very high possibility that your thyroid is under-active.

And that makes weight loss REALLY difficult.

Join me for July's workshop and group coaching call to find out
why your thyroid is so important for weight loss, and what you can do
to improve your thyroid function.

I'll share with you:
- the symptoms of an under-active thyroid / hypothyroidism
- foods you need to AVOID if you have an under-active thyroid
- foods and nutrients you should eat more of, for better thyroid function

- how to read your thyroid blood tests, and make sure your doctor
is checking the right thyroid hormones for an accurate result

and as always, there'll be time for group coaching, where you can 
ask me all your health and weight loss questions and have
individual support and guidance from a qualified health practitioner.

Basically, I'll be sharing how you can improve your thyroid function
and achieve your healthiest weight.
Because as long as your thyroid is under-active,
you're going to have weight issues. 
That's the bottom line.

Ready to fix your thyroid?

I'd love to have you join the workshop.  
Places are strictly limited so please
click here to reserve your place now.


Want to join the workshop?

The online workshops are held via video call on the third Wednesday of every month.  

Workshops are $30 per person, and there is a recording available if you can't make it live.  

(Bonus: it is totally acceptable to wear pj's to the online workshop.. no one will know!)

When: Wednesday, 18th July 2018
Time: 7.30pm ACST (that's Adelaide time)

Where: online, via a free video software.
The link will be provided prior to the event.
A recording will be sent to ALL attendees so if you can't make it to
the live workshop, you'll still get the workshop to watch in your own time.

Sign up for the July workshop here.

How to sign up: 
1. ​Click here

2. Choose your time zone, and click 'Set time zone'
3. Select July 18th and click 'Continue'
4. Enter your details and payment information, and you're done!
You'll receive a direct link to the workshop via email prior to the workshop.

Words of Praise for Danni's workshops...

Thank you Danni. Your talk was the best I've ever heard on woman's health. You are a true credit to your industry and showed me that a healthier diet is absolutely achievable in my busy life.

Robyn Williams

Danni's advice has seriously helped so much. I used to find myself eating everything and anything because I was so hungry, but now I've noticed serious changes. I don't binge eat, my moods are more stable throughout the day, I don't get HANGRY. Seriously magic advice.

Katrina d'Artois

My favourite thing about Danni's workshops is that I always leave feeling motivated, hopeful and inspired.  She breaks everything down into easy-to-understand terms, which I love, and her explanations just always make so much sense.  My weight loss journey has been so much easier with the support & guidance from these workshops.

Kerry Lee

About Danni

I'm passionate about helping women lose weight, improve their energy levels and reconnect with their bodies.  I  want to help you feel incredible so that you can make the most of every single day. 

"My favourite thing about holding workshops is watching the light-bulbs go off in the room. You can see it on their face, as soon as they "get it".  And it's such a pivoting moment for that person!" -Danni


Every single workshop, I sit there thinking to myself "Why is no one else explaining things this way?" and "I really wish I knew all this 10 years ago!".  Danni has a wonderful way of explaining health and weight loss in a way that is simple to understand, and her advice/suggestions are really practical and do-able.

Belinda Cue

I would recommend Danni to all my friends, she is helpful and supportive, takes the time to really get to know you and provide solutions that work.

Jenny Wickham

Hey Danni, I just wanted to let you know how great that workshop was and how much everything made sense.  I've never heard it explained that way before.  I'll definitely be telling my daughter what you said about sugar cravings!

Julie McLean

Want to join this month's workshop?

Places are strictly limited, so sign up now to avoid missing out.

Workshops cost $30, and are a super affordable way to get access to a qualified naturopath in a group setting.  There is always plenty of time for you to ask me questions about your own health.

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