Feeling 'bleh' after winter?

Spring is the perfect time for a gentle detox.

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    Winter is so often a time of over-indulgence and under-activity
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    Join DHW's 2 Week Spring Cleanse to press the reset button, and get back to feeling good!
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    The sun is starting to shine a little more, and the flowers are starting to blossom.  Spring is the perfect time to get your glow back and dial up your energy and vitality.

Designed for healthy skin, improved digestion and more energy

The 2 Week Spring Cleanse is a complete program designed by qualified naturopath Dannielle Illingworth.  Danni is passionate about helping women feel healthier and happier each and every day by creating healthy, sustainable lifestyle & diet habits that are easy and fun.

A practical and simple cleanse program, perfect for busy lifestyles.  The cleanse is simple, gentle and effective.  It includes plenty of time-saving options, has tips & tricks to help you make healthy choices when eating out, and there's even recipes to help you satisfy those 'sweet tooth' moments.

It's a whole-foods cleanse that doesn't require supplements, or fasting, or any crazy fads.  The 2 Week Spring Cleanse is your opportunity to get back to basics with eating - more wholesome, nourishing meals and less processed, packaged foods.  It really is that simple.

Want to join for just $24.99?

Next round starts Monday, 24th September


Hi, I'm Danni.

I've created this program to help women feel better in their bodies, without struggle or starvation or sacrifice.  I'm not a fan of diets, and I'm all about keeping things practical and easy to sustain.

This cleanse is the exact meal plan I follow myself when I'm looking for a quick & easy reset on my diet and lifestyle habits.

Two weeks of whole foods is the perfect kickstart to your health & weight loss goals, and the program is proven to reduce bloating and increase energy levels.

A two week program that
makes healthy eating easy

The number one thing my clients tell me is that they need to be more consistent with their healthy habits.  "I already know what I need to do, I just need to stop falling off the bandwagon and start being more consistent with it!"

That's exactly what this gentle cleanse will help you achieve.  Consistency.

As part of the program, you'll be invited to join a private Facebook group filled with other gorgeous women doing the cleanse.  In the group, we all keep each other accountable, motivated and inspired.  All of which ultimately leads to consistency in our healthy habits.

It's not about giving up what you love
and eating foods you hate

It's about creating a healthy balance.

It's about changing your relationship with food.

It's about keeping things simple & sustainable, so that you can continue
enjoying wholesome, nourishing meals without sacrificing the foods you love.

Here's what you'll get:

You've probably tried cleanses and detox programs in the past, so what makes this program so special?

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    A simple, easy-to follow meal plan full of whole food recipes & nutritional information.  The cleanse is free from gluten, dairy and refined sugars, and there are lots of meal substitutions for fussy eaters.
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    Guidance from a qualified naturopath and support from the other women in the private Facebook group.  I'm there to answer your questions, and everyone else is there to support you along the way.
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    Time-saving hacks are included throughout the program, to ensure that your busy lifestyle doesn't get in the way of your health & wellbeing.  Healthy really doesn't get any easier than this!  
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    Plus, the program is yours to keep.  Purchasing the program gives you immediate access to the resources, so you can start getting organised beforehand.  And you can repeat the program anytime!

Testimonials & Reviews

Amazing and so easy...

"This gentle cleanse is amazing and so easy. It improved my asthma and got rid of my bloating. I felt so much lighter within the first week and lost a lot of weight by the end of it.

Have now done this cleanse three times and feel awesome every time. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to cleanse and feel amazing."

- Carole

“Not as limiting as other's I've done..."

"Before my husband and I started trying for a baby, we went on this quick cleanse.  I HATE diets and can never stick to them but this cleanse was so easy (and not limiting as much as some others I’ve done) we both stuck with it. 

My husband is not the healthy eating type so I was surprised he did so well on this as well."

- Natasha

Want to join for just $24.99?

Next round starts Monday, 24th September

Dannielle Illingworth

Qualified Naturopath - BHSc

Naturopath designed

The 2 Week Spring Cleanse isn't just any program.  It has been specifically designed by a qualified naturopath for your

optimal health & wellbeing.

My name is Danni, and I'm passionate about helping women feel better in their bodies.  Healthy doesn't have to be a struggle, and it shouldn't be a short-term thing.  This 2 week cleanse will get you back on track and help you stay on track with your health.

What's the point of a cleanse?

Cleansing your body is a beautiful way to improve your health. In todays society, we are all increasingly exposed to harmful chemicals, toxic food additives and environmental pollutants - all of which can build up in your body over time. The main purpose of cleansing is to detoxify these harmful chemicals and compounds from your body by allowing your body the time, space and rest it needs to perform the oh-so-important task of detoxification.

On a daily basis, your body is keeping up with the demands of digesting and eliminating processed foods, refined sugars, gluten, food additives and a range of other nasties in our food supply. By removing this constant strain on your digestive system, your body will be able to focus on detoxifying existing chemical compounds that have been stored over time.

Cleansing can provide the following benefits:

- increased mental clarity
- increased energy levels
- weight loss
- better skin health (get that glow!)
- reduced fluid retention and oedema
- improved circulation
- improved digestive health and bowel regularity 

- reduced acidity in your body (more alkaline)
- improvement in mood

- and more

Your overall health will be supported through
this gentle detoxification & cleanse program.

Want to join for just $24.99?

Next round starts Monday, 24th September

The 2 Week Spring Cleanse is:

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    the perfect chance to press "reset" on your healthy habits
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    a whole foods program designed for busy lifestyles
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    a great way to break your sugar addiction and overcome a sweet tooth
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    an affordable program with practitioner supervision

The cleanse program is NOT:

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    a fad diet or short-term fix
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    a fasting program or starvation diet
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    a hard-core detox
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    "just another weight loss program"

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I sign up?

Do I have to start on Sep 24th?

What kind of meals are in the plan?

Do I need supplements or shakes?

Are there any additional costs?

What happens after the two weeks?

Want to join for just $24.99?

Next round starts Monday, 24th September

P.S.  If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.  I'm more than happy to help you figure out if this program is right for you.  Click here to get in touch.

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